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July TBA, 2023
National Western Events Center, Denver, CO

Summer Slide Futurities

Platinum Performance Open Futurity

Open Level 4
Open Level 3
Open Level 2
Open Level 1

 Guy Vernon Memorial Non Pro Futurity

Non Pro Level 4
Non Pro Level 3
Non Pro Level 2
Non Pro Level 1

All show conditions will apply to each futurity when applicable. The futurity will adhere to NRHA rules with the following additions:

  1. Eligibility for the futurity will be limited to foals of 2019. This is an NRHA category 2 approved event.
  2. Horses may be shown two-handed in an NRHA legal snaffle or hackamore or one-handed in any NRHA legal bit at the rider’s discretion.
  3. The Open divisions of the futurity will be run separately from the Guy Vernon Memorial Non Pro divisions of the futurity. Scores from the Guy Vernon Memorial Non Pro Futurity cannot be used in the Platinum Performance Open Futurity. The preliminary round will be Tuesday for the Non Pro Futurity and Wednesday for the Open Futurity. The Guy Vernon Memorial Non Pro finals are scheduled for Friday, and the Platinum Performance Open Futurity finals are scheduled for Saturday.
  4. In order to enter any division below Level 4, you must enter the next step up, i.e. to enter Level 3, you must enter Level 4, in order to enter Level 2, you must enter Level 3, etc. 
  5. Cross entries must run in both the open and non pro divisions.
  6. In all Open divisions, the top 25% of entries but not less than 30 head will return for the finals based on first go scores. A minimum of 25% or a minimum of 15 entries will return in all Guy Vernon Non Pro divisions. This is a clean slate finals.
  7.  All prizes for all divisions will be awarded following their respective finals after scores have been verified.
  8. Paybacks will be awarded 40% on the first go and 60% on the finals. RMRHA will retain 50% of entry fees.
  9. Entries are due July 7, 2022 by 6:00 PM Mountain Time. Late entries will be accepted with a $150 per horse late charge until 1:00 p.m. Monday, July 18.
  10. The draw will be posted by 6:00 PM Monday July 18 for Non Pro and 6:00 PM Tuesday July 19 for the Open.
  11. For concurrent classes, only one judge fee is required per run. The highest judges fee in the set of concurrent classes will apply.
  12. Refunds: If scratched prior to July 18, 2022 a refund will be granted for all entry fees minus the office fee. No refunds for Futurity entries after July 18.

Stallion Stakes Futurity Conditions

Divisions Offered

Open Level 4
Non Pro Level 4

All show conditions shall apply to the Stallion Stakes when applicable.  The Stallion Stakes will adhere to NRHA and RMRHA Futurity rules with the following changes:

  1. This is a NRHA category 6 approved event. RMRHA will retain 50% of entry fees
  2. In the Open and Non Pro divisions, the top 25% of entries will return for the finals based on first go scores. A minimum of 30 entries will return to a clean slate finals in the Open Division and 15 in the Non Pro division.
  3. Gelding Incentive: A special gelding incentive will be paid to the high scoring gelding in the Stallion Stakes Open ($500) and the Stallion Stakes Non Pro ($250) Futurity. The high score can be achieved in either the first go or the finals, not a composite score.
  4. Late Stallion Eligibility: Stallion owners wishing to ensure the get of their stallions are eligible for the current year’s Stallion Stakes Futurity, must nominate and pay no later than June 1, 2022. The cost is one and one half times the advertised stud fee the year the foal was conceived not to exceed $2,000. Late Stallion Eligibility after June 1 but before the Futurity is $4,000. Contact Travis Chapman at (303) 518-3163 or
  5. A Sire Nomination Award is presented to the nominator of the Stallion of the winning get. The Sire Award for 2022 is $6,877 and is split 50/50 between the nominators of the Open and Non Pro winning get.

The get of the following 2018 enrolled stallions are eligible to compete as three-year-olds in the 2022 Stallion Stakes Futurity:

ARC Gunnabeabigstar Hollywoodtinseltown Rooster Sparks
Steppin on Sparks
Chexmaster Houston Shine SDP Blue Blood
This Guns For Nic
Colonels Smart Spook In Like Flinn SG Frozen Enterprize
Tricked Out Spook
Colonels Lil Gun Inferno Sixty Six Shine On Line
Walla Walla Whiz
Dun It Gotta Gun Inwhizable Shine N Spook
Whizkey N Diamonds
Dun It For Whizkey Late Night Stopper Shiners VooDoo Dr
Wimpy Sparkles
Einsteins Revolution Like A Diamond Show Me the Buckles
Electric Snow Lil Joe Cash Smart Spook
Wimpys Crystal Ball
Gotta Twist It Up Magnum Chic Dream Smart and Shiney
Wimpys Littlecolonel
Gunnatrashya Magnum With A Dream Smokin Custom Chrome
Wimpys Little Step
Gunners Special Nite Not Ruf At All Snipers Smoking Gun
Yellow Jersey
Heavy Duty Chex Pale Face Dunnit Spooks Gotta Gun
Colonels Shining Gun
HF Mobster Pretty Peppy Chex
Star Spangled Whiz
Spooks Gotta Whiz
Hollywood Golden Gun REF Black Mamba
Starlights Starbrite
Electric Code
Mr Electric Spark
ARC GunnabeabigstarPretty Peppy Chex
ChexmasterREF Black Mamba
Colonels Smart SpookRooster Sparks
Colonels Lil GunSDP Blue Blood
Dun It Gotta GunSG Frozen Enterprize
Dun It For WhizkeyShine On Line
Einsteins RevolutionShine N Spook
Electric SnowShiners VooDoo Dr
Gotta Twist It UpShow Me the Buckles
GunnatrashyaSmart Spook
Gunners Special NiteSmart and Shiney
Heavy Duty ChexSmokin Custom Chrome
HF MobsterSnipers Smoking Gun
Hollywood Golden GunSpooks Gotta Gun
HollywoodtinseltownStar Spangled Whiz
Houston ShineStarlights Starbrite
In Like FlinnSteppin on Sparks
Inferno Sixty SixThis Guns For Nic
InwhizableTricked Out Spook
Late Night StopperWalla Walla Whiz
Like A DiamondWhizkey N Diamonds
Lil Joe CashWimpy Sparkles
Magnum Chic DreamWimpyneedsacocktail
Magnum With A DreamWimpys Crystal Ball
Not Ruf At AllWimpys Littlecolonel
Pale Face DunnitWimpys Little Step
Yellow Jersey
Colonels Shining Gun
Spooks Gotta Whiz
Electric Code
Mr Electric Spark