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Show Secretary & Stalls

Jana Day
(208) 681-1320

Show Manager

Paul McKee
(970) 948-1407

Show Representative

Travis Chapman
(303) 518.3163

Show Steward

Matt Livengood
(206) 909.0511


Shannon Garrison
(303) 746-3764-3163


Neil Miller
(303) 877-7137


Just In Livestream


Lyndsey Lamell Photo

The Summer Slide is brought to you by the Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association.

Show Committee

Co-Chair: Travis Chapman
Co-Chair: Steve Schwartzenberger
Awards: Tracey Brose
Stall Front Sponsors: Michelle Chapman (303) 518-6152
Volunteers: Sue Glenn

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Out of Site Solutions
Kim Nordby
(719) 460-6541