RMRHA Summer Slide July 19 - 26, 2020


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Stallion Stakes Futurity

 The get of the following 2015 enrolled stallions are eligible to compete as three year olds in the 2019 Stallion Stakes Futurity

A Sparkling VintageHF MobsterWhizkey N DiamondsCFR Centenario Wimpy
Chics Loaded GunHollywoodstinseltownWimpy SparklesDun It With A Twist
Colonels Lil GunMagnum Chic DreamWimpyneedsacocktailWalla Walla Whiz
Cromed Out MercedesNot Ruf At AllWimpys LittlecolonelREF Black Mamba
Dun Gotta GunPale Face DunnitWimpys Little StepHouston Shine
Electric CodeSDP Blue BloodYellow JerseyStar Spangled Whiz
GF Genuine Gold BarsShine On LineSmart Like JuiceCats Moonshine
GunnatrashyaShiners Voodoo DrHollywood Cool GunSurely A Pepto
Gunner On IceSmart GinSmokin Custom CromeHollywood Reminic
Gunners Special NiteSmart LuckStarlights StarbriteShining Lil Nic
Gunners IndianSpooks Gotta RunSpooks Gotta WhizNo Guns Please
Guns R For ShootinSmart SpookShine Chic ShineColonels Smart Spook
Hang Ten SurprizeTinsel Jac

A Sparkling VintageTinsel Jac
Chics Loaded GunWhizkey N Diamonds
Colonels Lil GunWimpy Sparkles
Cromed Out MercedesWimpyneedsacocktail
Dun Gotta GunWimpys Littlecolonel
Electric CodeWimpys Little Step
GF Genuine Gold BarsYellow Jersey
GunnatrashyaSmart Like Juice
Gunner On IceHollywood Cool Gun
Gunners Special NiteSmokin Custom Crome
Gunners IndianStarlights Starbrite
Guns R For ShootinSpooks Gotta Whiz
HF MobsterCFR Centenario Wimpy
HollywoodstinseltownDun It With A Twist
Magnum Chic DreamWalla Walla Whiz
Not Ruf At AllREF Black Mamba
Pale Face DunnitHouston Shine
SDP Blue BloodStar Spangled Whiz
Shine On LineCats Moonshine
Shiners Voodoo DrSurely A Pepto
Smart LuckHollywood Reminic
Spooks Gotta RunShining Lil Nic
Smart SpookNo Guns Please
Shine Chic ShineColonels Smart Spook
Hang Ten SurprizeSmart Gin