RMRHA Summer Slide July 18 - 26, 2020


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Stallion Stakes Futurity

 The get of the following 2016 enrolled stallions are eligible to compete as three year olds in the 2020 Stallion Stakes Futurity

A Sparkling VintageGunners IndianRufanickiStarlights Starbrite
Banjo WhizGunners Special NiteSDP Blue BloodSteppin On Sparks
Busy Winin ChexGunners TinseltownShine Big TimeThe Chex Factor
Cats MoonshineGunnin For ChicksShine On LineThis One Time
CFR Centenario WimpyGuns R For ShootinShiners Voodoo DrTravelin Jonez
Chics Loaded GunHF MobsterShiney Little GunTricked Out Spook
Colonels Lil GunHollywoodstinseltownShining Lil NicWalla Walla Whiz
Colonels Shining GunHouston ShineSmart And ShineyWalla Whiz Affair
Country Bay BerryInferno 66Smart LuckWallawalla Bangbang
Cromed Out MercedesLil Joe CashSmart SpookWhizkey N Diamonds
Dun Being WimpyMagnum Chic DreamSmokin Custom CromeWimpy Sparkles
Dun It With A TwistMagnum With A DreamSpooks Gotta GunWimpyneedsacocktail
Electric CodeNot Ruf At AllSpooks Gotta RunWimpys Little Step
GunnatrashyaPale Face DunnitSpooks Gotta WhizWimpys Littlecolonel
Gunner On IceREF Black MambaStar Spangled WhizYellow Jersey

A Sparkling VintageREF Black Mamba
Banjo WhizRufanicki
Busy Winin ChexSDP Blue Blood
Cats MoonshineShine Big Time
CFR Centenario WimpyShine On Line
Chics Loaded GunShiners Voodoo Dr
Colonels Lil GunShiney Little Gun
Colonels Shining GunShining Lil Nic
Country Bay BerrySmart And Shiney
Cromed Out MercedesSmart Luck
Dun Being WimpySmart Spook
Dun It With A TwistSmokin Custom Crome
Electric CodeSpooks Gotta Gun
GunnatrashyaSpooks Gotta Run
Gunner On IceSpooks Gotta Whiz
Gunners IndianStar Spangled Whiz
Gunners Special NiteStarlights Starbrite
Gunners TinseltownSteppin On Sparks
Gunnin For ChicksThe Chex Factor
Guns R For ShootinThis One Time
HF MobsterTravelin Jonez
HollywoodstinseltownTricked Out Spook
Houston ShineWalla Walla Whiz
Inferno 66Walla Whiz Affair
Lil Joe CashWallawalla Bangbang
Magnum Chic DreamWhizkey N Diamonds
Magnum With A DreamWimpy Sparkles
Not Ruf At AllWimpyneedsacocktail
Pale Face DunnitWimpys Little Step
REF Black MambaWimpys Littlecolonel
RufanickiYellow Jersey